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The Soulability Mentorship

Hello Beautiful Soul!

This 12 week mentorship program will guide you through The Soulability System™, the most comprehensive step-by-step approach to embrace who you are, know why you're here, and love where you're going. Through this transformative journey, you'll learn to release yourself from the limitations of your mind and claim the confidence, inner peace and empowerment that come from the guidance of your soul to create the life you desire.

Who is this mentorship for? 

If you're dreaming of elevating your life to your fullest potential while feeling confident that you can tackle any challenges laid before you then Soulability is for you. 

If you've longed for a deeper connection to your soul, where you fearlessly banish the word "failure" from your thoughts, abundance is your middle name, and love is something you are overflowing with, then Soulability is for you. 

If you've known you have a unique purpose that has been brewing in you since you came into this world, and you're ready to take action  and feel guided by its light every day, then Soulability is for you.

The hands on Soulability Mentorship is going to take you from self-doubt to self-empowerment, from living in the past to creating your future, and from feeling alone to feeling connected.


…you knew exactly what to do when you felt defeated, lost, or overwhelmed with fear. learned to be the hero of those stories from your past that used to hold you hostage. knew how to trust your intuition and allowed yourself to take risks to level up. woke up well rested and excited to face the day to manifest the life you want? knew how to navigate the relationships in your life with little drama and lots of love. knew your purpose and had a plan to live out your dreams. 


Brief outline

Get strategies, systems, and skills to strengthen your ability to live by the guidance of your soul instead of the limitations of your mind. This isn't another online course to leave unfinished. It's a live mentorship to help you on your journey. 

You’ll be empowered to go after the things that matter most to you, enjoy the relationships in your life with less conflict, and know what a valuable person you are to the world, without negative self-talk or fears holding you back or keeping you in a state of overwhelm. 

The Soulability System™  gives you the tools to fill in the gaps and untangle the knots keeping you stuck by combining psychological and spiritual concepts. Following the proven sequence builds a solid foundation of strength, habits, beliefs, and values to navigate through life's challenges with ease. 


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A Weekly Masterclass:

  • Each Sunday you'll receive a new Milestone Masterclass.
  • Each Masterclass comes with three Steps to practice for the week.

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Weekly Live Sessions:

  • Every Tuesday there will be a Practice/Q&A session via Zoom and streamed in the FB group to discuss the Milestone of the week. (The time is not set in stone, I will poll the group via email for the best time for the majority of students). 
  • Each week we will have a Soul Share Saturday at 10am PST so members can share their successes, their aha moments, or anything else they would like to have witnessed by the group. This is an optional fun session to connect and share with each other live. 

Action Guide

A Weekly Action Guide:

  • A key points summary of the Masterclass.
  • Exercises to help you practice and retain the lessons. 
  • A Milestone reminder page to keep track of your progress.
  • A mantra and a poem for inspiration.
  • An inspirational coloring page.
  • Weekly journal prompts.
  • Book and movie suggestions on the topic of the week.
  • Support that covers where you might get stuck and what to do.

Facebook group

Community Support:

  • Join the Private Facebook Group with frequent contact from me and support from fellow students.
  • If you're opposed to FB there is also a comment/chat section in the student platform.

Kind Words From Past Clients: 

"Lima Bergmann is the real deal. As an attorney, I am skeptical of many teachings, but the fact that Lima uses her doctorate in psychology and her spiritualist skills together gives her great credibility.  I have heard her speak and give classes and she is incredible, in addition to being a very kind human being. Thank you Lima for helping me on my path." - Lynn

"Lima, you changed my life, opened my eyes to the path forward and your support got me through some of the most difficult days I’ve experienced.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart." - Nancy

"Lima, our soul session was eye opening and transformative! I gained so much insight (more in our session than years of CBT [Cognitive Behavioral Therapy] !). I am dealing with so much chaos, grief and transition in my life right now and I am grateful to have your guidance on this leg of my journey. Thank you!" - Suzanne

"I wasn't sure how Lima's method was different from the therapies I'd had before but I wanted to try something new and saw her give a talk, so I set up a Soul Session. She compassionately simplified my understanding of the tangled weave I'd carried around an old issue that wouldn't go away. I appreciated that, instead of reliving the pain, she focused on my soul path and pointed out my growth and readiness to move beyond my ego's need to hold onto the issue. I'll never look at it the same again. Brilliant!" -Abby

Choose from two enrollment options: 


This is a one time VIP experience and will not be offered at this rate ever again. That's the benefit of being one of the first people to go through the mentorship. 


Bonuses Include: 

  1. THREE - FREE - 20 Minute 1:1 sessions: This VIP offer will not be given at any other time. These private sessions are unlocked as you complete the lessons for each of the first three Pillars in the mentorship program. Once unlocked, you can use your free sessions at any time throughout the mentorship. 
  2. For anyone who completes all of the lessons in the mentorship program (and the feedback questions), as a VIP, you will receive a LIFETIME 20% discount on any of Lima's 50 minute 1:1 sessions (at the listed rate)!
  3. As a VIP member of The Soulability Mentorship program, you'll not only receive a significant discount, but your price will be locked in for any future mentorships. This means that regardless of how much the price increases each year, you'll always have access at your original VIP rate. This VIP price is a one-time offer for being one of the first to enroll in the program, and it will never be offered at this low rate again.


We're sure you're going to be thrilled with The Soulability Mentorship and get amazing results!

But we get that every investment is an important decision. That’s why we want you to be able to test-drive the mentorship to make sure it fits your needs, and we figure 14 days is the right number. (Deadline is midnight PST 6/10/23).

So, if you enroll in The Soulability Mentorship, and at any point in the first 14 days from the Welcome Module start date on 5/28/23, you feel like it's not the right fit for you, all you need to do is email us to let us know and we’ll refund your money. Super simple!

It's time to transform your life from the inside out!

If you want to unlock your soul's guidance, connect to your higher self, unleash your love, and live your purpose, The Soulability Mentorship is designed to help you do that! 

We hope to see you in the Mentorship!

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