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The Soulability Quiz

soulability  noun

: the ability to live a soul driven life. || : the ability to see the world through the lens of your soul

Hello there!

Have you ever felt stuck, like something is missing or you're unsure of which direction to take? Do you wonder if there is something "off" about you because you can't seem to get all you want from life? Do you constantly just "wish" that life could be better or that you could feel more empowered to change it? 

There's nothing wrong with you! 

These feelings are the result of a culture that encourages us to listen more to our ego than our soul. 

The good news is that, with practice, you'll get better at noticing when the ego is trying to take over so that you can re-engage and feel empowered again by your soul. 

The Soulability Quiz is a self-assessment tool to help you see whether you are being driven more by your ego versus your soul. 

Take the test and see if your ego has too much of a grip on the steering wheel of your life or if you've learned how to allow your soul take the wheel.

At the end of the quiz, I'll give you a FREE Results page to help you learn more about the joys of living a soul-driven life (and how to strap your ego to the roof when it tries to take the wheel). 

Just click the button and take the quiz! 

Love and light,  

Lima Bergmann

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